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SafeSurf.com> McAfee, Alice G. ?Creating Kid-Friendly Webspace: A play ground Model for Internet Regulation.? Texas Law Review; Nov2003, Vol. 82 Issue 1, p201-225
R Varian: 177) Google is the world?s most popular search engine with 37% of all internet searches been conducted through Google, (marketwatch.com, 2005) this falls
com/wsop/history.asp Frank, Barney (2007, April 16). Frank Introduces Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act of 2007. Retrieved October 15, 2008
health impacts, interruption to social relationship and risk to personal safety. Firstly, internet addiction brings a huge impact to human?s health. Health effects
in whatever manner to be their latest cause of offense. In closing internet censorship should be viewed as a necessity but not so much that it becomes the next
people. Today, many people used some Website to find them life partners. When you surf on the Internet you may find many things like- news, movie, music and many
money well spent. However, severe problems can arise with this rationale. Although the internet does provide a virtual shortcut for students starved of time, it also
time and money to go outside and find a book you want. You just go to Internet library and find any book you want in 2 minutes instead of spending 2 hours in search
life. Also, we have the threat of personal information being stolen. Using the internet for online shopping can prove dangerous. You may be facing grave danger
that I consider show the most important change on people?s life and behavior. These are, Internet as: – The biggest data base ever. – The widest and fastest way
of the coin . Most people do not know at all how many dangers and trouble could be found surfing on the Internet. Children risk to pay a high price using this tool
ways to communicate in the world today, most of which have come along due to the internet. We have email, posting on discussion boards, and posting on personal sites
They use a dynamic site offering personalisation of services for customers. Their Internet marketing strategy included the traditional strategic marketing planning
computer. Mom and dad grab a cup of coffee and spend the morning browsing the internet, while the children get a bowl of cereal and indulge in online chat sessions
ask for money or help shipping merchandise. One of the saddest types of internet fraud is Charities fraud. Criminals will set up fraudulent websites, especially
base is built upon work of mouth. When the word of mouth travels through the internet, bigger potential clients are being reached and things happen in a much faster
and students were assigned to go find one (without using the computer/Internet) and read the book cover to cover, instead of click to click, as on their laptops
has made a huge change in people?s lives, and people can?t imagine their lives without the Internet now. Almost everyone knows how to use computer and connect to
Challenge of Change 2007) The new model of marketing and selling books is based on Internet super stores such as Amazon whom make stocking, supplying, and marketing
www.chinaiprlaw.com/english/fglaws/fglaw10.htm (10 Nov 2006) Also see ?Impact Of internet music file sharing & CD burning?(2003) http://www.aria.com.au/pages/

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