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firearms in the civilian population are the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Gun Control Act of 1968. The 1934 Act established strict registration requirements
http://www.ncpa.org/iss/ E.Schwarts (2008, March 17) In Congress, the Uphill Battle for Gun Control, Vol. 144 Issue 8,p 41-43, 3p.Retrieved September 22, 2008
Obama will really take away the right to bear arms. Therefore, gun control should not be enforced, because this country has a constitutional right to bear arms and
are serious about this.. One thing is for sure our future looks pretty good if gun control is gone. Just try to imagine a place where the criminals and murderers
and also shows us examples from other countries as well. My personal opinion about gun control is that guns are made for one purpose, and that purpose is to kill
the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.? Now gun control advocates will argue that ?a well regulated militia? is the armed forces of
approximately 1,417,745 violent crimes committed in the US in 2006. The Gun Control Issues 4 same source also indicates that of those violent crimes, firearms
they are saying for a second or two. Thinking that placing tighter restrictions on gun control will really help matters when it comes to the criminal world. How many
pg 23-30. Bureau of JSSF retrieved on 1st December 2008. Facts of Gun Control retrieved on 1st December 2008 on crime blog.com William B., Thomson Y., Quentin
The second amendment guarantees a person the right to own and operate a firearm. Gun control was brought into play to protect citizens from criminals and lunatics
protection you should always have the right to bear arms. Works Cited dragon. taking on gun control. 2002. 5 april 2009
taught to respected them not fear them. Nobody is really 100% for or against gun control, a lot of people have very strong beliefs about it but if you were to ask
searching his record. Moreover 27 states have their own version of Brady-style gun control. For example, one of district laws in California is called “The stock ton
of tragic events in the past few decades have raised questions about whether gun control is necessary to stop horrific shootings. Recently there have been questions
Jul 17, 2007 Accessed on 10/14/08 Gun–Control-Debate.35215> ? RonPaulLibrary.org Visited 10/29/08 Page 2 Paragraph 3 Author:
10, 1999. Revised 6/27/08. Schwartz, Emma. Gun Control Laws. 6 Mar. 2008. 3 Dec. 2008.
asked by an ABC News Poll in April 2007, “Do you favor or oppose stricter gun control laws in this country?” 61 % of Americans responded yes, confirming the notion
org/Issues/Articles/Read.aspx?ID=72 Mauser, Dr. Gary A. (2001, May) Gun Control Around the World: Lessons to Learn. Retrieved from saf.org. http://www.saf.org
ldquo;if you cant beat them join them.” to have a positive outlook on gun control, an individual would have to see the good outlooks on firearms. The Second
in a gang related shooting and died. Incidents like this one show why we need to gun control so that we prevent things like this happening. *In conclusion, going

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