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A Business Analysis Of The Object Oriented Hypermedia Design Model essay

Essay on A Business Analysis Of The Object Oriented Hypermedia Design Model

The following comparison of OOHDM with other approaches such as HDM, ADM, OOHM, OOWS and OOH is based on conceptual design and navigational design and interface design. The purpose of this comparison is to clearly explain the differences that the Object Oriented Design Method has with these other applications. This comparison is taken from the article, “Building E-Commerce Applications from Object-Oriented Conceptual Models”

During the conceptual design phase, the Hypermedia Design Model approach is based on E-R diagrams and does not utilize the Object Oriented model. The Araneus Design Model (ADM) is not based on a conceptual model and depends on the navigational model. The Object Oriented Hypermedia Design Model uses an Object Oriented conceptual model based on modifications of the Unified Modeling Language these modifications do not permit the objects of the application to offer services to the end user. The OOWS and OOH-Method use the Object Oriented Method as a conceptual model. (Abrah, Fons, Pastor 2000)

In the navigational design phase, all of these applications introduce node and link concepts as the fundamental structures for the explanation of hypermedia systems. Conversely, the explanation is considered by the approaches in different ways. These approaches to the explanations can be separated into two categories. The Hypermedia Design Model and the Araneus Design model represent the first category. The second category includes the OOWS, OOHDM and OOH-Methods. (Abrah, et al)

The first category does not make any distinction between the conceptual and navigational models, but instead they represent navigational characteristics in a conceptual model based on E-R design. On the other hand the second category distinguishes between an Object Oriented conceptual model and a navigational model, which regulates the observation of each user of the information system. (Abrah, et al)

Within the second group, there is also a difference in the…

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