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The Kite Runner: Acts of Violence

In “The Kite Runner,” Khaled Hosseini displayed a large amount of violence in Afghanistan throughout the story, by creating a series of violent acts that lead to one another. Each violent act has a reason behind it. Hosseini wants to show the readers that violence is the plot of the story and is what creates the major events in the book. One violent act leads to another; and with the help of revenge; a catalog of events creates the story line of “The Kite Runner.” Violence displays the real personalities of the characters in the story and basically supports the novel’s main points referring to courage and cowardly acts. In the book, violence lives with the characters, and is a notion that portrays each of the characters struggles.
In this novel violence is a very important factor, because it sets the mood and theme of the story. There are acts of violence that was prevented in the novel; however they still have a very big effect on how the story progresses. For example, when Assef, the village bully, tries to set Amir straight for socializing with a Hazara boy named Hassan, (Amir’s best friend, housekeeper, and brother), Hassan comes to Amir’s rescue with his slingshot and threatens to shoot Assef with his slingshot if he hurts Amir. Preventing Assef from hurting Amir caused Assef to later seek revenge for Hassan’s courageous act. This is when the entire chain of violence is created in “The Kite Runner.” Revenge is another very important aspect of the story’s purpose. Without revenge, the violence would either occur once and end, or not occur at all. Assef’s revenge took place in front of Amir’s eyes as he “…unzipped his jeans, dropped his underwear. He positioned himself behind Hassan.”(pg. 66 hard cover) Amir didn’t even try to help Hassan. Instead he cowardly watched his friend get raped after all of the times Hassan stood up for him. This endless circle of violence and revenge keeps the reader interested in the story and…

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