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Culture Analysis Paper 2: Homer

Within the selected reading, there are several major characters, such as Achilleus (Mack 70), Hera (Mack 71), Agamemnon (Mack 71), Zeus (Mack 72), Thetis (Mack 82), Athena (Mack 74), Hektor (Mack 26), Odysseus (Mack 80), Patroklos (Mack 40), Paris (Mack 59) and Helen (62). There also are a significant number of minor characters; most notable among them were Hephaistos (Mack 84) and Priam (Mack 76). Each lived with the time period of ancient Greece/Asia Minor with the theme of the story centering on participants succumbing to their impulses for lust, greed and power. As for the genre of the story, it would be best categorized as an epic poem of a dramatic nature.
In Book 1, Homer, the author of the Iliad, called upon the muse (goddess of poetry and inspiration) to aid him in telling the story of Achilleus. The epic began with Chryses, the priest of the god Apollo, who had gone to the Greek camp to ransom his captive……

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Title: Culture Analysis Paper 2: Homer
Approximate Word Count: 1709
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