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Lisa’s Student Survival Guide
Axias Educational Resources
The ways to surviving axia’s educational resources that will help you with your assignments is the library, Writing Center of Excellence, and the plagiarism checker. The Writing Center of Excellence provides a grammar checker and also a Plagiarism checker which enables you to submit your papers and within a few minutes your paper will be proofread and will show you all the mistakes you have made or else will tell you that your paper is perfect and don’t need any corrections. The plagiarism checker will let you know that what you have written is not original and you need to go back and fix your paper.
The Library allows you to search for books by author, keyword, or subject and contains plenty of search engines that will help you find what you are looking for. There is also a tool that allows you to ask the librarian if you are experiencing trouble finding what you are looking for.

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Title: Final Project
Approximate Word Count: 902
Approximate Pages: 4 (250 words per double-spaced page)

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