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Final Case Research Analysis Paper
Lacey Holmes
Norfolk State University
May 5, 2009
      Case Summary     For the purpose of this assignment, my client will be called Ms. Jane and her children will be referred to as Ashley and Maria Jane. Ms. Jane is a thirty year old Caucasian female. She is a single parent of two children, Ashley and Maria Jane. Ms. Jane reports having extremely limited resources and difficulty with meeting her family’s basic needs. Her difficulty is due to current unemployment issues. Ms. Jane accredits her unemployment to her “forced” interaction with social services and her lack of family support.
Ms. Jane attributes her interaction with the agency to multiple factors. There was an initial Child Protective Services referral during May 2008. Since that time there has been two other “founded” cases of abuse. Ms. Jane’s children were removed from her care, by the agency. Ms. Jane felt a major contributing factor is her mother’s history of mental illness and substance abuse; as well as multiple complaints her mother made to Child Protective Services out of spite.
Ms. Jane appeared to be appropriately dressed for the appointment. Rapport was not readily established, as Ms. Jane pointed out her lack of trust with the agency. Her speech was very rapid and not allowing of others to comment. Spontaneously, Ms. Jane would state that the agency “just wants to remove her children”. The client’s mood was anxious, angry, and resistant.
Ms. Jane displayed erratic behavior during the hearing process, at court. Due to the display of behavior, the Judge ordered that Ms. Jane complete a psychological evaluation. This will ensure that the correct mental health services can be provided. Identified concerns in the home and with the children included cleanliness, school attendance, sufficient food, and adequate childcare. Ms. Jane has been…

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