Term Paper: Music Analysis Paper

Chad Chambers
Andrew Martin
History of Rock n’ Roll 1143
26 June, 2009
Music Analysis Paper
“What kind of music do you listen to?” One of the most used and basic questions asked by everyone as an icebreaker. And one thing that I have noticed about the question is that it almost always has the same answer. “I listen to everything!” There is nothing in this world that annoys me more when people way that because a majority of the time when people say that they listen to everything they mean that they have a few different radio stations that they listen to. Some of the best music out there today is music that most people have not heard on the radio or MTV. Well I can guarantee that I listen to more music than most people but still cannot say that I listen to everything. So for this project I wanted to choosea genre or style of music that I know most people are not familiar with and see if I could possibly get someone to think outside of the……

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