Term Paper: 3m Analysis

Date: Wednesday, June 03, 2009
SWOT Analysis of the 3M Corp.

3M Corporation History

The largest manufacturer in Minnesota, the 110th largest U.S. company overall, and a member of the Dow Jones “30,” 3M Company (known officially as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company from its founding in 1902 until 2002) is Wall Street’s epitome of high-tech/low-tech business and solid blue-chip performance. Its daunting inventory of some 50,000 products runs the gamut from Post-it Notes and Scotch tape to transdermal patches of nitroglycerin and a prescription cream for treating genital warts. It’s equally daunting global presence extends to subsidiary companies in more than 60 countries and markets in nearly 200, as well as net sales from international operations of $8.91 billion, or 55 percent of the company’s total 2002 revenue. 3M owes its formidable strength to its unusual corporate culture, which comfortably fosters innovation and interdepartmental……

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