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Case Study Report

Jenny and Eleanor Waldorf from a scene on ‘Gossip Girl’ TV Show

The introduction chapter constitute of general overview of the beginning observation and phenomenon about the topic in this report.

Problem Identification
The problem identification consists of explanation about the conflict (the symptoms) that is happen at the moment. The problem is:
Jenny is an intern in Eleanor Waldorf design house. Eleanor is a very famous designer and Jenny is one of the interns that have great work performance in Eleanor Waldorf design. Even one of Jenny own design is used by Eleanor as one of Eleanor’s design (accidentally).
Because of the piling amount of work, Jenny that is still in high school cannot keep up with the work and the school. Jenny skip school a lot and she did not obey her dad command to end her intern and just go to school. Jenny really love fashion and being an intern at Eleanor Waldorf’s will give her such a big chance to be a new designer in the fashion world. By being an intern for Eleanor Waldorf, she could learn lots of things about the fashion world. At the end, Jenny and her dad decided to do home schooling, instead of going to school. With home schooling, Jenny can do both intern work and still attend school at home.
However, after several months being an intern for Eleanor Jenny feels that she cannot expanding her knowledge in fashion, let alone give her contribution to Eleanor’s design. She only sews dress and fit the model into the dress. And sometimes Eleanor use Jenny’s design without putting Jenny’s name into the designer. She only told Jenny to sew a new dress using Jenny’s design and Eleanor’s fabric. Jenny feels that Eleanor did not appreciate her at all.
One time, Eleanor has a meeting with the owner of Barney’s, one of the biggest high-end department stores in the United States and promise Jenny to come to the meeting because Eleanor has use Jenny’s design. However, when the meeting is…

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