Term Paper: Advertising Essay

Advertising Sucks
Advertising is everywhere we look trying to ‘suck us in’ with clever design and carefully chosen techniques we are becoming more and more like puppets controlled by an appeal to our most basic instructs, sex and a yearning to belong. Matthew Dent reports on the daily psychological manipulated exerted up us all by advertising companies.
The advertisement being evaluated today is promoting shoes. A pair of winter boots by the advertisers name of SHOO BIZ, sex appeal promotes using by a female in a bikini sitting down. This advertisement uses some interesting and proven successful techniques for the promotion.
The following advertisement uses one of the most popular techniques in the industry, sex appeal, in this instance the technique is used to promote the product. This technique is used as the main way to promote the product in this incidence. The product being advertised is a pair of winter boots modelled by a female in a bikini that displays……

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Title: Advertising Essay
Approximate Word Count: 686
Approximate Pages: 3 (250 words per double-spaced page)

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