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Dear Journal,
I just arrived in New France.   It’s not bad.   The people are some what nice.   I am glad I came here.   Too bad I didn’t come here to settle with the love of my life that I left back in France.   I came here as a Filles du Roi.   That means I have to marry someone I don’t even know so we can start a family.   I haven’t seen the person that I am going to marry yet.   Neither do I know if he is tall or short or handsome or ugly.   I don’t even know his name!  
I think it is acceptable that I am being forced to marry for the good of my country, but I would at least like to get to know my future husband.   Maybe have like a month or two to learn about him.   And what if we don’t get along?   I do not want to be married to someone that I keep arguing with.   But we have to get married right away.   I want my marriage to go smoothly and I want to love my husband.  
I guess it could be a good thing too.   I get to have my own family and raise them.   And, I could grow to love my new husband.   I just have to wait and see.   But if we don’t get along I don’t know what I am going to do.  
I have always wanted to have kids.   I suppose this could be the perfect opportunity since I am starting fresh.   So overall, I don’t know if I am going to enjoy marrying someone I don’t even know.   It will be a new experience for me.   Now I just have to wait until my husband is chosen, and we will just go from there.

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