Term Paper: 100% American

Is American Culture “American” by Richard Pells is an article that describes how American culture is actually adopted from other cultures all over the world. During this essay Richard Pells argues that American culture is actually adopted from other cultures and made our own rather than Americans creating their own culture. Richard Pells elaborates during the essay on how European culture influences Hollywood. Pure American Culture does exist and its being exported all over the world. The typical thought of the average American is that America is a melting pot and culture is only imported into America when in reality American Culture is an Export and companies like Coke, McDonalds, and Walmart are proving this fact. Richard Pells goes into further detail by describing Hollywood entrepreneurs as immigrant entrepreneurs. Richard Pells argument on Hollywood could not be more wrong. There are numerous flaws in his opinions on Hollywood not to mention the other arguments in……

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Title: 100% American
Approximate Word Count: 1013
Approximate Pages: 5 (250 words per double-spaced page)

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