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Essay on Guillermo Furniture Store – Recommendation

Guillermo Furniture Store – Recommendation
Today’s business industry, business decisions or transactions are implemented under the principles of financial, ethical, and behavioral decisions.   Decisions are prompted from the Principle of Self-Interested Behavior, a course of action most financially advantageous for themselves (Emery,, 2007). According to the scenario, Guillermo’s Furniture Store, Guillermo Navellez, owner of local furniture manufacturing plant, has identified several key alternatives which will affect his decision regarding production, labor costs, organizational management, and organizational stability.
After reading this paper, the reader will have an understanding of two key points. The first point is how business decisions are effected by various alternatives. The second point explains how managers analyze and evaluate alternatives to establish the best recommendation for the business operation and cash flow of an organization.
Most organizations are approached with the concept of improving its business strategy, production sales, and even customers services to compete with its competitors. This philosophy is no exception to Guillermo’s Furniture Store. However, considering the Norway furniture company, Guillermo’s overseas competitors, has invaded the turf of Guillermo, Guillermo must acknowledge that he must identify various alternatives to keep himself abreast, and endorse a new approach to maintain the business edge.   In the given chart below, Guillermo has acknowledged four key alternatives he must analyze to   keep the legacy of Guillermo Furniture Store afloat.   These chief alternatives are as follows, consolidate with competitors, become sole distributor, market flame retardant, and implement coating process production.  

Alternatives Advantages Disadvantages Forecast Goals
Consolidate with Competitors • Cost Efficiency
• Increase sales and production
• Requires less manpower…

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