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Sean Hannah
Stages of the Journey
MWF 2:00 – 2:50
The Legend of Dragoon
This fantasy RPG starts out with a cut scene of a village being raided and burned down by a large group of soldiers. The commander of the army then picks up a girl who fainted and takes her as a prisoner in a nearby prison. This scene shows that the ordinary world in this game will be a world that is at war. You then see the main character Dart, still in a cut scene, in a nearby forest being harassed by other soldiers as he returns to his home in Seles. Soon after, everyone gets chased off by a rampaging dragon and then Dart gets saved by a mysterious women. This scene is the only real part in the Exposition where the player gets dragged into a somewhat fantasy world since dragons have not been seen in this world for centuries. The mysterious woman, whose name does not get revealed until later, tells Dart that there was a town called Seles that was just attacked by an army and a dragon. Dart then runs to the town frantically in search of survivors.
To his dismay, he finds that half the town is dead and learns that his childhood friend, Shana, was captured by the enemy and dragged to Helena Prison. Before Dart can move any further he is left to finish of the remaining troops in the town who act as Threshold Guardian’s. This encounter allows the player to get firsthand experience in the style of fighting for this game. Before Dart is able to leave the town he talks to his old swordsmanship teacher (mentor) in order to practice how to fight. This meeting shows the player how to fight within the game as well as how to use all of the other various commands that the player starts with. After this point, the player may now leave the town and cross the threshold in order to rescue Shana and begin the road of trials. The Hero in this game does not refuse the call to action at all, but rather goes with it at full force. All of the fighting in this part is the first part where the player…

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